Complex outpatient surgery necessitates detailed planning. One Medical Passport has the most clinically-detailed outpatient surgery solution to best help you succeed.  Our difference includes:



Our team of experts have the clinical, project management, and IT experience to thoughtfully and efficiently guide you through every step. Many of our staff come from the ASC world and truly understand the daily grind, the roadblocks, and the needs of your staff and facility.

The experience of our people helped to create easy digital processes like:
Medical Passport enables early identification of high-risk patients by alerting you of significant history and use of risk assessments (VTE, Sleep Apnea, Allergies vs. sensitivities)
– Anesthesia Portal to give anesthesiologists early, online review of patients
– Nurses’ Checklist to organize outpatient surgery nurses’ focus with one screen to view patient details and clear the patient for surgery



We have perfected the process from years of helping 760 outpatient surgery centers and hospitals. Together, we will dig into your current methods and determine the best way to streamline them. We understand how to help you manage effective change to see a return on investment immediately. 

Project Manager

  • Work with your team to ensure all folks are trained/comfortable using solution
  • Share Best Practices on how other centers are successfully using the solutions

Detailed Knowledge-base for ongoing self-paced training

  • Quick and helpful “how-to” videos make on-demand training and quick reference a breeze.
  • With easy-to-use navigation, you can quickly find what you are looking for by product or using the key-word search query
  • New content is continuously being added and updated and enhancements and new features are released

Dedicated Client Success Manager

  • Individual contact that will work with your center after go live
  • Focus is to ensure 1MP is a success at your center
  • Regular meetings
    • Ongoing review of your evolving business needs, and configuration of our solutions to meet them.  Discuss tips/tricks for getting the most out of your solutions
    • Review / measure / monitor initial goals and identify areas of opportunity for growth
  • Ongoing support throughout the lifetime of your relationship



With great attention to clinical detail, our robust suite of outpatient surgery solutions allows your clinicians to focus on delivering great patient care. Our user-friendly platform ensures that your staff won’t spend valuable time fighting with technology and empowers staff to provide care in the most efficient and effective way.

Our technology allows you to give pre & post-op detailed instructions that deliver specific information and videos based on the procedure, doctor and patient’s unique personal details.


the 1MP difference in action?